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Why Even Show Up If You Won’t Cry When It’s OVER?

Why Even Show Up If You Won’t Cry When It’s OVER?
“Paying The Bills Is A Crappy Reason For Not Doing The Thing That You'd Cry Over- If It Failed, Ended Or Didn't Work Out....”

The meeting had been in play for awhile. One-by-one the twenty-something year olds shared their ideas on how, together we might incite a startup revolution. Yes. We were plotting to empower the student body. The grim statistics had us nearly in tears. There had to be another way. 1 trillion dollars of student debt and 53% of young ( with undergraduate degrees) underemployed or unemployed was more than adequate to motivate the masses.  Every student deserved the right to take care of themselves financially. Every student deserved the right in one of the freest markets around how to participate, create a venture, make their own income or revenue. As we plotted the pizza disappeared and the diet coke emptied. One of our comrades stumbled in nearly at the end of our time together. When asked about an opportunity to partner with a local business he answered.

“Just because I like women doesn’t mean I should start a feminine hygiene company.” He argued.

Students erupted into laughter. “What?”

” It’s not enough to create something, why even show up if you don’t care so much it will break your heart, leave you crying on the corner if it doesn’t work? I mean it’s not just a business it’s your life. It’s your time. You should care so much…. that I feel it, everyone feels it. It should be genuine…real. Important. Well, let’s just say that wasn’t the issue with this offer, it was more like a way to make money not a way to change the world or even someone’s world.  Why, why would I  invest any of my precious life in something the founder  wouldn’t even cry about if it- closed?”

The sound of pizza being chewed by molars much younger than mine filled the air around our table.

To care. Caring. Caring so much you’d cry- if it failed. Now if that’s not the heart of GOD. I mused. Why show up, why show up half way in for anything? If we can’t fully believe why…why do we give things, jobs, work so much so much of ourselves- our time- our resources? What might be born in this world if people only did that which they cared so much about they would cry if it didn’t work out or better yet they’d cry as they did it- each day- because it incited the place that is passion, love and purpose within them?

I watched as each of the young man’s peers shook their head in agreement.

Oh dear LORD we desperately want to be about things that matter. How we hunger to find places to show up where we believe our investments matter. Oh dear GOD that leaders everywhere would see the holiness, the power before them in the lives of their team.

The meeting had be in play awhile…

Why show up if it doesn’t matter?

If I can’t believe that this, this is the best investment of my one precious life- why invest at all?

These revolutionaries are far ahead of me when I was a twenty-something. ..


Photo By Vincent Dale

Dear Lord how many times have I invested my time and precious energy and resources in things that I wouldn’t cry over – if they didn’t work out? What might be possible if I held myself to the standard- If I won’t cry over it- if it doesn’t happen or if it ends than I won’t invest.

I want to be the girl who invests her life in the things that break this heart you’ve designed or that tug at this heart so much I know they are mine to tackle.

I get it. This life of mine is merely a blink and so while I’m here- I’ll show up. Oh yes I will LORD. I’ll show up for all the things that break my heart and you’ve called me to stand in the gap for and work hard to change. And the rest – I’ll leave to your other revolutionaries, the one’s you’ve called and gifted to handle that which doesn’t matter so much to me

I get all emotional just thinking about it….And yes. I get it. If others wouldn’t cry over me or the purposes you’ve set before me they of course must continue their travels until they find those things that break their hearts and people they’d fight like a revolutionary to show up – for. Oh let me care, let me care so deeply I only invest in that which touches my heart and the very thought of not being able to impact or continue – leaves me in tears… 


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