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Whatcha Talking About? Text Misunderstanding

Whatcha Talking About? Text Misunderstanding
“Text Misunderstandings Happen About 85% Of The Time. Caution Texters....”

Check this out. ” The text began.

Line after line I scrolled through her response.

Weird. She never texted me this much. It was especially weird because all I’d done was thank her… A little further down the text read. “I didn’t tell you that story yesterday for you to recap my selfishness in your text today..”

Shaking my head I responded. Sorry. Just trying to thank you.”

Immediately her response lit up the screen.  “I don’t see how. Perhaps you should reread the crap you wrote…”

CRAP? What the heck. Impatiently I scrolled back to the thank you text I’d sent earlier. “Thanks for sharing your story with me yesterday…definitely was being selfish and self focused instead of loving….”

I started laughing. I’d forgotten a few pronouns. I dialed her as fast as possible.

“Hello?” Her voice growled.

“I”m sorry, I meant to write I was being selfish….That text was my attempt to thank you for helping me see through your story how selfish I was being. But I forgot a few pronouns. What I meant to say was I was being selfish and self focused instead of loving….” I explained. 

“I was like whatcha talking about, sister. Here I tell you a story to help you wake up to your own unconsciousness and you send me a recap in the morning agreeing with me and telling me how selfish I’d been….”

Hooting. I shook my head.

Snorting she laughed from her belly.

“I hate texting.” I admitted.

It’s especially bad when cryptic and code like…”

“Whatcha talking about sister? ” I hooted.

Laughing she admitted, “I was like- the nerve of that girl…”

Crossing my legs I prayed God would not allow me to wet my pants on the drive to work.

“Let’s try to make sure next time we thank one another it’s doesn’t turn into a fight….” She chided.

Smiling I responded.  “Whatcha talking about?” 


Whatcha Talking About. Text  Misunderstanding

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