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Are Those My Undies? Silly Life

Are Those My Undies? Silly Life
“Be Still. They Are Your Undies. And Know. ..You Aren't God- Girlfriend...No way. No how.”

Sizzling sweet potato’s. The entire house smelled as if it were Thanksgiving. But alas, it was just another Sunday afternoon and I was as usual preparing my meals for the upcoming week.

All six sweet potato’s which were soon to be lunch, snacks and  breakfast, sizzled inside the oven.

When the aroma outside the oven confirmed the sugar content had made it’s way to the bottom of the pyrex dish I opened the oven and prodded the sweet goodness to confirm they were ready to be rescued from the heat.

Reaching for the oven mitts I don’t own, I  grabbed two dish towels.

With a towel in each hand I pulled the glass pyrex from the oven and as the sweeties departed the oven in  the corner of my right eye I spotted polka dots. Pink polka dotted undies, no less- hanging from the dish towel in my right hand.

Are those my undies?

What are my undies doing hanging out with the dish towels? I mused as the heat burned through the dish towels and convinced me to set the sizzling sweetness on a hot plate.

Concerned about the burnt sweet potato leakage blackness on the bottom of the glass pan I placed the dish in the bottom of the sink after unloading the potato’s onto a platter. And still. My mind was wound around those undies. The one’s still hanging from the dish towel in my right hand. Before I could put the undies and the dishtowels where they belonged I turned on the water.


Shards burst from where use to lie the Pryex pan. Glass pieces of all sizes exploded. Tiny pieces shot like bottle rockets all over the kitchen.

Ducking I squatted near the refrigerator with my dish towel the one with my polka dotted undies hanging from it.

When the glass settled I checked the sweet potato’s. Thank God. The sweetness was undisturbed.  As were my eyes, legs and arms.

There was much to be thankful for.

Staring at the pieces of glass filling the sink full of water and the one’s scattered on the floor near the oven and refrigerator I concluded that use to be my favorite glass dish the dish I cooked sweetness in most Sunday afternoons. Staring at the dishtowel I nodded. Those were definately my undies. And yes, this was my life. Grabbing the brook and the dust pan I began cleaning up what use to be my favorite Pyrex pan. Snorting and then laughing I thanked God I live alone. And I swear just about the time I pulled the undies off the dish towel before using it to scoop out the shards of glass in the sink I heard a whisper…

“Let go, relax-even. Be still and know that I am God and clearly- you are not. Let my PRESENCE be enough every time you screw up. Peace is a choice. Don’t worry about the undies or that pan-be still and know that I love you even when your undies are hugging your dish towels and you are blowing up innocent Pyrex’s.

…I really am  thankful those undies weren’t someone else’…that would have made the entire event even more traumatic. I mean it’s one thing not to know where your undies are, quite another to find someone else’s undies stole away in your dryer and then hitched a ride to your  dish towel drawer, all without you expecting any hanky business.  And thankfully, the only thing I  blew up, all day long-  was a 13 by 13 Pyrex dish. All and all it wasn’t a bad day… Mostly the events of today once again reminded me what it appears I need to be reminded of- A LOT: Mostly my job is to relax into the holy presence of GOD,  to forget trying to do it all perfect and just be thankful for his presence especially when huddled watching shards of glass fly through the room with only a dish towel and a small pair of polka dotted bikini undies to protect me …Oh dear Lord. Thank you for being the graceful GOD that walks with me regardless of what I blow up….and what sleeps with my dishtowels… 


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