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Finding Your Voice Dave Grohl South By Southwest Keynote Speech 2013

Finding Your Voice Dave Grohl South By Southwest Keynote Speech 2013

It’s your voice. Cherish it. Respect it. Nurture it. Challenge it. Stretch it . Scream it till it’s gone. Because every one of us is blessed with at least this. And who knows how long it will last.” Dave Grohl

In a world that wants to get liked, shared, tweeted or approved of Dave Grohl challenges you and I to go back to our source. To the Creator that designed us as pieces of art made to come most alive when we use our one incredible life as only we can in the endeavors that we lose ourselves in and get lost in the art of finding ourselves, our best and our voice.

Here’s to you and I – intent to find our voice for no other reason than the passion it fuels us with and our desire to share the passion with others. What if a revolution is waiting to be started from your efforts? What if your voice will save another? What if a movement, inspiration and transformation comes when you commit to finding your voice and then cherising, respecting, nurturing, challenging, stretching and screaming it all the days of your life.

Now go ahead…create the art that only you can and forget about who likes it or pays or even approves….

And yes, there’s a tad bit of the “f” word in this video so if that will make you melt ..don’t listen…but certainly you will miss out on one of the most incredibly inspiring videos I’ve ever viewed. Passion. Purpose. Find your voice.

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Every day I get up expecting a miracle or ten thousand. Mostly I expect God to take the questions of life and turn them into soulful inspiration to encourage you and I on this journey. That's why I'm here. I believe in the miracles that faith, love and hope make possible.

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