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Would God Do Yoga? Faith

Would God Do Yoga? Faith

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I couldn’t help but over hear the two women. Glancing up from the corner table in the coffee shop I watched as the woman in the black dress shook her head in protest.

Clad in a teal blue Lululemon tank her friend inhaled deeply.

On the table in front of them lay The Message.

“Absolutely GOD would not do yoga.” The woman in the dress protested. “Yoga is satanic. It’s channeling. It’s channeling the competitive spirits. It’s blasphemy…it’s..”

Picking up the Message her friend flipped the contemporary interpretation of the Bible open.”Christ has set us free to live a free life…Now take your stand! Never again let anyone put a harness of slavery on you!” She quoted from Galatians.

Rolling her eyes her friend spewed. “You are too open to everything, you need to be careful- you could find yourself chalk full of dark spirits based on how much time you spend doing yoga and hanging out with so many sinners…” 

You’ve read the part of this book where it talks about getting your undies in a wad over the speck in your sista’s eye when you have a log in your own eye- right?” Her friend teased? ” Glancing over in my direction Ms. Lululemon cute shorts added. “I don’t know why  us Christians spend so much time judging each other and anyone else we can find to make ourselves feel all holy and Pharisee like-  my take on this whole thing is when Jesus died- grace became a channel everyone was invited into and a way was made because none of us could earn a way to the heart of an all perfect GOD without unmerited favor.

Placing The Message back on the table the two friends locked eyes.

You could be possessed you know...”

Standing, Ms. Lululemon showed her cute yoga shorts and vibrant tank off for the rest of the coffee shop to admire. Picking up THE MESSAGE she turned to her friend.   “You’re right. I am. I am. Entirely possessed. I’m possessed by the belief that faith is best expressed in love. I’m possessed by the challenge to live every moment as if it is an opportunity for me to express what I most believe. Whether I’m having coffee with you or standing on the yoga mat I’m always trying to live the moment as an act of worship. And you can judge me all day long but when I step into the hot room every pose is an act of gratitude a form of worship and my way of saying thank you to my God and Lord. I’m not responsible for what it means to the girl or guy next to me. Faith expressed in love . That’s all I’m trying to live out. But you- you do what you need to find the heart of grace and I’ll trust that to you and God and perhaps you could do the same for me and my faith?” And with that Ms. Lululemon turned to walk out the door but before she did she waved in my direction.

Now I recognized her. She was the girl that was next to me in the yoga room the night before last.

“AMEN.” I whispered under my breath all the while confirming it would be entirely inappropriate to jump to my feet and begin clapping.



Dear God. Save our judging souls and entirely condemning ways of being….Please oh please help us to go back to the message and understand each person’s faith is an intimate walk with YOU – not US. The curtain was torn. There now is no need to go through a Priest or any other religious gate keeper who sets themselves up as rule keeper, judge or jury. The heart reveals all. What you worship and adore – is known by the one who matters. At the coffee shop. On your calendar. In your bank account,  thoughts and heart….you my dear have a GOD….and it can be the god of self and judgement or criticism even the god of fear and shortsightedness, you can have a god of religion and rules the god of money, achievement and or success. Oh my there are so many little gods to choose from. BUT the big GOD has called you and I to a free life. A life in the spirit- a life of grace where love is expressed as faith and worship is a moment by moment way of life…


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More conversation about yoga and God and the ongoing discussion and judgement we westerners feel free to reign down on each other as if we were GOD and as if we were responsible for judging the hearts of other believers.

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