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Could You Please Stop Laughing?

Could You Please Stop Laughing?

Mr. Fulcher, the instructor of Broadcast Journalism motioned for quiet on the set.

It was another Friday morning at Mariner High School. I and another Senior were prepared to co-host the weekly high school television show. This week the big story was  the Senior Prom .The Student body President was on the couch next to me preparing to be interviewed.

Lights. Action. Camera.

The credits rolled and the music began. The first segment of the show was sports highlights which were always covered by a boy even though I was a four sport letter woman and he was a student who’d never ventured into the gym outside of P.E.

When sports were over the show cut to an interview we had  pre-recorded on a student who had studied abroad.

The camera lights blinked as head phone clad Mr. Fulcher  pointed at me and counted down 3,2,…1

Smiling into the camera I introduced myself and my guest and framed the question on everyone’s mind….Was it true the Senior Prom was in jeopardy of being cancelled ?

My friend, the Student Body President confirmed the rumor was true.

I giggled and  restated the question. “So do you think the prom will be cancell” And then for some reason my voice went three octaves higher before I said, “ED?

My guest laughed and attempted to respond “Well, it’s really not funny” He snickered. ” But yes….” His shoulders bobbed up and down, “The PROM could be cancelled.” He spit out before bursting into a full belly laugh.

Uncontrollable we were.

Shoulders, legs, eyes, mouths – Uncontrollably we laughed. All the while the camera’s rolled. The couch shook.

Glancing up I caught sight of Mr. Fulcher’s normally pale face now bright red and dripping with sweat.

Pinching my leg I tried to focus, “SO have you bought your tickETTTTT?” My voice screeched high before ending in a hoot.

Dropping his head in surrender the Student Body President, my friend shook his head vehemently back and forth, NO!

I doubled over in laughter and screeched, “Well of course, we can’t save the prom if the President hasn’t even bought his ticket…!”

CUT. CUT. CUT.” Mr Fulcher screamed. “Go to the music. And please, stop laughing.”


Could You Please Stop Laughing?

Somethings are just uncontrollable. Laughter is one of them. I’m praying today for laughter, hilarity and joy to overcome you and I. I’m praying for us to be swept away in hilarity. To remember the saving grace of laughing. Joy. She woke me up this morning and we agreed to hang out all day-together. So -NO. I can’t stop laughing…why would I want to? 

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