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Is This A God-Like Privilege?

Is This A God-Like Privilege?

The students burst into applause. We’d left Russian soil. The plane was headed back to the land of the free and brave, the U.S of A, after ten days in communist Russia- in the season before Perestroika: When Russia was a nuclear superpower and a social mess. Although we’d studied Russian history and culture  before arriving in Leningrad and Moscow…nothing prepared us for the void of freedom in the oxygen.  We walked the dirt streets in awe of the wanton conditions outside of the cities, the cities they tried to keep us from.  In the city we photographed people clothed mostly in black and brown standing patiently in single file lines waiting for bread.  In the shopping mall we shook our head at the line snaking down the hall. And watched our fellow human beings wait patiently to be the sole person in the front of the  line receiving their choice of either black or brown shoe and sitting to try it on.

The applause was deafening.

I unbuckled my seat belt and stood. So what if the sign cautioned me to stay seated.  I was free.  The oxygen tasted different.

Freedom. It’s a god-like privilege.

Somedays I want God and Jesus to  respond to my every whim and  use their supernatural powers to overwhelm the ugly, terrible and bad in this world.

Yes somedays I want God to stop Bad in it’s tracks by negating it’s freedom to exist.

On these days I want God to be more Communist Russia.

I want God the Dictator.

I want my Lord to reduce the oxygen which flows to darkness and to deprive it of choice.

I want free will to be metted out and earned not merely gifted to anyone with lungs.

And of course because my thinking is God-opposite – God and his son laugh at me and  let me get my panties all wadded up.  And then when I’m good and knotted- I’m finally ready to listen with my soul and feel with my heart and the oxygen inside of me changes.

God is not of my making- nor a puppet or super-hero I control to do my bidding.

AND God doesn’t control people like mere puppets.

He’s not a dictator.

He’s gifted each with this crazy gift- the  gift of free-will.

Freedom. It’s a god-like privilege.

Made in his image -I’m free to choose and so too is every other human being.

And although this strategy doesn’t lead to a world where only good and love bloom…it does provide free will to all.

And so now that my panties are un-wadded- I’m praying for God to lead me. I want to use this god like privilege this free will, this freedom to choose in such a way that manifests his glory. I want to lean in trust HIM and depend on him to guide this free will and all these choices I have. I want my freedom to be a tool that pushes back darkness and sparks love, hope and faith. I want to learn how to exponentially expand the freedoms of others…and all the while trust my free choice, my will -to the spirit of love who owns my soul.

Freedom. It’s a god-like privilege

Photo By Vincent Dale 

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