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How About I Just Pull Your Out Hair And Beat You With An Umbrella?

How About I Just Pull Your Out Hair And Beat You With An Umbrella?

Been there. Wanted to do that.

And then didn’t. But make no mistake I’ve done much worse. Yep. Me. I’m a dark shady sinner. I’ve had  moments where I thought about  re-arranging other people’s brain cells to get the response I want. Other day’s, I’ve fantasied about giving those in need of emotional intelligence training – a little electrical brain shock therapy.

Rat poop.

Crazy shoot.

Us humans are bad- some moments and worse still in others.

After my worse moments – guilt  visits.  And when guilt arrives I begin beating myself up for wanting to pull out other people’s hair and beat them with my umbrella..

Thankfully Grace doesn’t leave me alone with guilt for too long. G

She’s amazing. And that’s not mere rhetoric.  She is undeserved, entirely unmerited and favorable, generous and understanding.

Faith made – Grace my best friend. And on days like today where I’m at my sinful dark best…it’s a dang good thing I have her around or who knows what would have happened to an entirely good umbrella today…



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Every day I get up expecting a miracle or ten thousand. Mostly I expect God to take the questions of life and turn them into soulful inspiration to encourage you and I on this journey. That's why I'm here. I believe in the miracles that faith, love and hope make possible.

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