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Life Assessor, Editor Or Life Encourager?

flowers in a fieldAfter 2 and half hours I was tired and inspired. I’d spent the morning in worship. I’d carried half of the beach back in my shoes, got caught in a thunder storm and found glory in every moment from the pitch black of before sunrise through the lightning storm. And now, glorious sunshine warmed my skin- as the   bicyclist pedaled up next to me.

“Is this your car?” He asked as I opened the front door and sat sideways in the drivers seat.

Smiling I nodded as I pulled off my  shoe and turned it upside down to unload a couple hours worth of sand.

“Are you going to move your car?” He growled.

Wiping the sweat off my forehead I chose not to respond and instead smiled.

“You’re parked crooked. You took up more than one parking spot.” He said as he pointed to the barely visible lines.

He was correct.

Funny, how parking in the pitch dead of  before sunrise can mess with your ability to navigate perfectly in between faint lines hardly detected in broad daylight. Still I was crooked. Slightly.

Staring down his nose  biker dude ala editor of all that was parking incorrect, rolled his eyes and pedaled his attitude to the other side of the park.

Pulling my shirt over my head I stood in my bathing suit.  The thunder storm had soaked me to the bone. But now, there wasn’t a sky in the cloud.

Thunder passes. Lightning doesn’t last forever.

Worship. It’s always a choice.

I could let  Mr. Life Assessor, Editor – the guy on the bike who can’t help but see  the glass half empty, who acts all superior and judge and jury like- poison my worship and dampen my spirit or I could do what I’d done an hour earlier when thunder roared and rain poured. I could choose to smile. I could choose to continue. So- I got soaked. The important thing was only I get to choose how to respond to cranky pants and getting caught in a thunder storm in my bathing suit and sweater.

Snorting I pulled on a  dry sweater and stared as Mr. Assessor pedaled out of sight.

Why is it we humans feel compelled to measure, assess, judge and edit each other’s performances? What is it about us that has the need to stamp right or wrong on every thing and everyone who manages life differently. Who made us god? Who said anyone was put here to point out other’s weaknesses and imperfections? What if we did exactly the opposite? What if instead of pointing out what was wrong we elevated one another even encouraged one another? Editor or Encourager?

All of life is a choice.

It’s as if we need to blur the lines and choose to un focus when people and situations are different than we’d do them or expect them to be or show up. We need to be a little more like LOVE. Bendy. Flexible. Understanding. We need to laugh at crooked parking jobs and any other expressions which leave us wondering and curious as to what they were thinking. We need to be easier on one another and cut each other a little slack

Worship. It’s always a choice.

There will always be thunder and lightning and people who are determined to rain on your parade.


We can see the glass half empty or choose to believe every drop of liquid in this glass of ours is reason to shout for joy and run down the beach in our bathing suit and sweater worshiping the God who spoke the sky into existence.

PLEASE God help me encourage- not assess and edit everyone else’s life…and every little action they take…

Photo By Vincent Dale 

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Every day I get up expecting a miracle or ten thousand. Mostly I expect God to take the questions of life and turn them into soulful inspiration to encourage you and I on this journey. That's why I'm here. I believe in the miracles that faith, love and hope make possible.

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