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What If It Wasn’t Your Fault? Loss

What If It Wasn’t Your Fault?  Loss
“Guilt Imprisons. Forgiveness Frees...”

If only, you could go back. If only you’d  known then what you know now.Why hadn’t you done more? Why had you thought there was time? If only, if only it wasn’t your fault.

It had started out so beautifully. Life had been so full of promise.

And then somewhere along the way dreams morphed into nightmares. One thing didn’t add up to the next. With awareness came conflict. Oh, how you hated fighting. The arguments defined that season. Maybe you over reacted? You hadn’t been prepared for the lies and denial.  You should have done whatever it took. You should have known it wasn’t okay, you should have done more. But  you had believed. You had believed it would all work out, that you’d get through it that things would change and get better- sooner. If only it wasn’t your fault. If only you’d done more, back when you could.

You couldn’t go back.

You couldn’t change what happened. What if this guilt was keeping you from what you could do, now? What if what you knew, now- could help someone else, someone like you, someone like…What if it wasn’t too late? What might be possible if you were free from the question, “What if it wasn’t my fault?”

Maybe it was time for forgiveness?  Maybe it was time, to do what you could; now that you knew- what you knew?

What If It Wasn’t Your Fault? Loss

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“For the mind set on the spirit is peace and life.”

Inspirational Companies

Dependency. No one thinks it's a good idea. But safety nets? Architecting ways in which others can thrive??? A very good idea, me thinks. And so the #hope of the day is an organization doing just that . One Acre Fund... oneacrefund. Here's a little about One Acre Fund In Their Own Words...Check them out and remember all hope needs is for one person to step up and HELP! use markets to eradicate hunger permanently. One Acre Fund is concentrated on one-acre subsistence farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa – one of the largest groups of "forgotten poor" in the world. We provide a complete, functioning market system – making it possible for even the poorest and most rural farmer to generate more income, and permanently solve their own hunger problem. The first component of the "market bundle" is to empower local groups of farmers. We find existing self-help groups (mostly made of women farmers). Bringing farmers together makes it possible for them to economically interact with markets. The second piece of the "market bundle" is farm education, provided by our field officer. We take the latest practices from top academic agronomists, and translate that into simple, easy-to-understand lessons. The third piece of the "market bundle" is capital, environmentally-sensitive planting materials and fertilizer. Our planting materials are a significant improvement on old food kernels currently used for seed – commercial seed is professionally graded, stored, and selected. Our fertilizer provides badly-needed nutrients to soil that has been stripped bare over decades of poor management. The fourth component of the "market bundle" is market facilitation. Our field officers provide extensive training on post-harvest handling and storage, so that farmers do not experience post-harvest crop loss. When farmers can store safely, they can access the markets several months after harvest, when prices are higher. The final component of the "market bundle" is crop insurance. It is estimated that only 0.3% of Africa’s poor are insured in any way. One Acre Fund has pioneered a crop insurance product that pays farmers in the event of a significant drought or disease. One Acre Fund's market bundle provides a complete solution for farmers starting from nothing. We open opportunity to an entirely new class of subsistence farmer that has been left behind.

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Every day I get up expecting a miracle or ten thousand. Mostly I expect God to take the questions of life and turn them into soulful inspiration to encourage you and I on this journey. That's why I'm here. I believe in the miracles that faith, love and hope make possible.

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