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“Love's Arms Are Too Big For Me To Escape”

Valentines Day was hell on hearts, especially broken hearts like hers. She’d prefer the color red was outlawed, cupid had been a Giraffe and chocolates delivered in heart shaped boxes were deemed politically incorrect.

Really, who thought it was a good idea for the entire planet to be twitter patted,  drawing hearts and making goo-goo eyes all day, every February 14th? Like the world could afford more lapses in productivity.

It wasn’t that she was a sore loser, just a bitter one. She’d done gone and committed to the married thing, only problem was instead of love, abuse showed up. She changed her mojo after getting slammed into the closet door once too often. So she tried her hand at the love em all, commit to none of them philosophy. Only problem was she loved them all and no one committed to her.

Alas, her past seemed to indicate she was destined to be alone. There were upsides: no one ate her organic pomegranates, left their spit, swirled toothpaste in the sink, watched T.V. at the decibel level of a 747  or expected her to fold their underwear.

Every first meeting held the hope of true love, too bad all first months dissipated into encounters she’d hoped would end sooner than they did. Maybe she would start a national holiday on February 14th and call it Freedom Day. Or better yet, LOVE YOUR SINGLE SELF DAY.

Maybe it wasn’t being single that was really the problem, but rather this sense of not belonging, not fitting in. She wished she could lose this feeling that she had become unmissable. That no one would notice if she went missing.   If she started Freedom Day there would be events for others like her, that felt as if they were alone in a world of people who belonged. They’d each be known, expected. And so would she. And then maybe, bust maybe when she didn’t show up someone would notice.

She could do single if only she could be assured that she would be missed, by someone…anyone…someday.


What If I Don’t Have A Valentine? Valentines Day/Alone

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Inspirational Companies

#hope comes in many forms. When we look at Africa we find another interesting social venture modeled entirely different...Passionate about a cause? Heart beating for a country, people group? Find someone whose doing something you believe in...and invest in them...time, IP, resources- you were born to be a part of the solution. And yes, love awaits you in every endeavor as you lead with your heart and give like there's no tomorrow...Onward hopeful world changer. Onward oliberte.

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Every day I get up expecting a miracle or ten thousand. Mostly I expect God to take the questions of life and turn them into soulful inspiration to encourage you and I on this journey. That's why I'm here. I believe in the miracles that faith, love and hope make possible.

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