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Why Do Holy People Screw Up-Too? Faith Satire

Why Do Holy People Screw Up-Too? Faith Satire
“Forget The Speck In Your Neighbors EYE and deal with your own log jam....”

Holy People?

Bill Clinton, Petraeus, when a leader has a moral failure most shake their heads and mumble, “Of course, what did you expect?

But when a HOLY man or woman; priest, pastor or minister  suffers a moral failure the response is a little different,”SEE faith makes no difference.

If only spiritual leaders weren’t susceptible to moral failures and didn’t struggle with the same temptations the rest of us do.    I’m pretty sure we could prove God and this faith thing, once and for all- if only spiritual leaders weren’t sinful like the rest of us.  If being a spiritual leader transformed you into a perfect human being there would be no question about faith or even belief and all cynicism and doubt would evaporate overnight- because finally we’d have proof that if only you could be HOLY enough you’d find GOD and faith.

I sometimes wonder if God could use  a marketing consultant or even a coach. If the goal is to get more people walking hand in hand with God and opening their hearts to love and supernatural direction maybe the system should allow for HOLY people who lead to be perfect.

But perhaps  spiritual leaders aren’t here to prove or disprove faith, belief or even God? And what’s more a human being perfect isn’t proof of God.

Maybe, just maybe the indwelling of God within a man or woman is a moment by moment real time faith experience that is always vulnerable to be snuffed out by the next choice the person makes.

And perhaps once you step out in faith and align with the sacred and divine,  once you get on Love’s team – the dark side attaches a bullseye to your back and sends its entire armory against you to make sure that it’s not a cake walk , this journey with faith and GOD.

Yesterday a man I respect, a spiritual leader here in Orlando, a man who has touched countless lives for God; stepped down from his spiritual leadership position, citing moral failure.

I cried. And cried some more. I cried for the loss to this man, his wife and children and for the betrayal many felt that had followed him.

But mostly I cried because I sensed a cold blooded murder lurking about.

I saw evil progressing. I watched as the dark side celebrated the fall of a man who’d brought so much LOVE to a town and who had boldly carried the flag of GOD. I cried because darkness was kicking light’s butt. I cried because the enemy of LOVE was celebrating. I cried because I felt the cynicism and doubt inside of me flare up as this spiritual leader, I’d put on a pedestal had fallen so visibly.  I cried because I wanted proof that GOD exists and I wanted it in the form of a perfect Holy man living a supernatural life.  I cried because I’d been worshipping a man instead of GOD himself.

The dark side might point to this Christian leader’s moral failure as proof that faith is useless and  God is powerless. I see it differently.

I understand that it’s not by perfection,  good deeds or anything I’ve ever done or will ever do that faith happens or that I somehow prove GOD. I get that we all fall short of the GLORY that is the CREATOR. That all of us; spiritual leaders and secular con artist are imperfect human beings here to experience the grace; unmerited gift of faith. And I also understand that this life is a spiritual journey bursting with opportunities to choose flesh and darkness or spirit and light.

Of course pastors, ministers and priests will screw up. HOLY people aren’t here to prove GOD, they are on this journey for the same reason you and I are. They are here to discover their need for eternal love, unconditional forgiveness and a grace that is unmerited and none of us deserve but all of us are welcome to.

Why Do Holy People Screw Up- Too? Faith Satire

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