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Why’s Everyone Lying?

Why’s Everyone Lying?
“The Biggest Lie Of All Is That You Need To Be Something Else To BE Accepted, Loved Or Even Worthy And Cherished...”

Why is everyone lying?

Well, dear child, it’s complicated or at least, it appears to be- but in all reality, the reason deception is on the rise is that my children, the precious created miracles that inhabit middle earth, have fallen prey to the lie that their worth and value is dependent on everyone else’s opinion and rank of them as well as their achievements, power and possessions.

And well, this lie is the deception that is the root of all lies on earth. Look around and count the souls that attempt to commandeer attention and importance by being perfect, becoming a celebrity or as Lance did winning every competition. Of course no created miracle of  mine was meant to have to lie or pretend to be anything but which they are – and of course I designed all of mankind to be able to know the unconditional acceptance and eternal value they have in ME.

So yes, there is quite a bit of lying going on, although I’m not sure- everyone is lying. It only seems that way. So in addition to keeping up pretenses and appearing to be better, or different than one really is my miracle children are working hard to prove how remarkable and successful they are to garner power, money and attention- even when it’s all a lie.

One of the reason it seems everyone is lying is due to the fact I placed within each human soul an insatiable desire for love, acceptance, connection to the eternal and the divine. And this space within the soul was made for my spirit alone. When man fills the hunger with anything less than me and my unconditional love they are incapable of feeling full, content and entirely worthy and loved. And when man questions his worth and value he turns to other substances, experiences, activities and possessions and attempts to fill himself. But because of sacred design nothing satiates the human soul entirely except for LOVE and grace. And so the lie keeps my children working and working to find a way to prove what I”ve known from the beginning of time. They are precious, valuable and deserving of love….

Lies are addictive and seductive as your best lover, my child. So be careful and remain committed to the truth. Lies happen when mere mortals need to cover the behaviors that aren’t what they want to be known for. Lies happen because my child have filled themselves with the deception of lesser gods and have fallen to the belief their worth is dependent on their performance, possessions or titles and knowledge.

Within each heart  I placed an insatiable desire to be known, loved, cherished adored and valued as special, precious and important. Of course I did. For this is what I created man for. And so this space that was designed for man’s soul to commune with MY sacred spirit is often filled with that which of earth not divine and unconditionally inspired by my LOVE.

And when MANkind goes to the world for approval, love and evidence of it’s worth and value the world tells it an entirely different story than I do. It lies and deceives the heart and soul of man and sets him up to pursue lesser gods that seduce him away from the truth that he was created precious and is unconditionally worthy for all of eternity because he is my CHILD

Lying. YOu should not be surprised by it. Of course when people believe they are only what others think and their worth in society is based on only what they can produce or do they will be tempted to deceive and lie – to appear to be more god like and perfect than possible.

Titles, victories, houses, possessions, awards, degrees, titles – there are so many substances that compete for the space within man that cries out in insatiable hunger for approval and love and was originally designed for me to fill it with LOVE.

Don’t be discouraged. Of course deception is on the loose. And yes, everyone or at least many are lying. But only ,because they’ve bought into the biggest lie of all time. The lie that MAN’S worth is something that can be earned or prove or won…even

But, you my child. You. You know there is nothing that can separate you from your forever value. And that you, you are unconditionally precious because I your CREATOR say so. Now remain free. Fill your soul with truth and my truth it will set you free- free from all the lies and deception that threatens to entrap and prison you in this game of trying to be something you’re not and appear god like, all victorious even perfect and superhuman.

Oh you my child, I love you. You are entirely worthy without doing one thing. Now hang on to the truth of your creation and of the love you descend from..The truth, it shall set you free in this world of lies and deception.

Why’s Everyone Lying?

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