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Is That My LUCKY STAR? Faith And Madonna Video

Is That My LUCKY STAR? Faith And Madonna Video

Four leaf clovers. Lucky stars. Who wouldn’t want luck to open doors and slam others shut before the monsters behind them jump out and eat your  bones as well as your flesh?????

You know the monsters …the one’s that wait till most everything is perfect and then jump out of nowhere to annihilate your dreams and hopes.

The one’s that take you from the life you expected to the life you prayed your enemies would end up with?

Oh…excuse me that wasn’t very spiritual. But don’t worry, I have never prayed for really bad things to happen to people who don’t like me, only that they wouldn’t be too LUCKY on a certain day or week or year and only because I’m quite clear it’s not love if it’s only done to people who like you and look like you and do nice things for you…

Anyhoo, let’s get back to lucky stars,  four leaf clovers,  horoscopes and life guru’s. …

Today. I’m praying that faith will be the lucky star I choose to pray to.  That I will accept that this star I pray to hangs between two places I sometimes visit;   doubt and certainty. And mostly I pray that faith will keep me safe from all my fears about the monsters I”m just sure are lurking behind doors I’m tempted to open if only I knew more of my life dreams and fantasies wouldn’t be annihilated.

Of course it would be easier if four leaf clovers, horoscopes and planetary alignment filled my soul with the same sense that this thing called faith in GOD does. It would be great if I could fill this spiritual hunger within with one major million dollar lottery ticket. But no. All the peanut butter chocolate ice cream, the big job, the art, love, kids none of it has ever satiated my desire to know my creator the way that faith and this spiritual journey does. And well that’s just the honest truth and why I keep showing up here seeking that which I am meant to know and still sometimes doubt.

I could act all certain and tell you I’ve got this faith thing nailed, I never doubt and or look for a lucky charm or some sort of evidence this life of faith is the path for me.  I could tell you I live in certainty. But of course I don’t . My faith journey is a pendulum between experiencing the miracle of peace when all around me people have died and left me. And other days when I’m so full of doubt I could start my own four leaf clover cult..

But let’s make sure you are clear.

I never pray for really, really bad things to happen to people who have been mean, cruel even rude to me. I just pray they have trouble finding their lucky star faith for a day or week or month….

I’m a practicer of faith. Don’t call me anything more. Someday I might get it down but for now I live between certainty and doubt and mostly I swing more toward faith…on my good days and on my bad days I’m just sure the monsters are going to eat my bones and one bite…

Is that my lucky star…



And this is faith…that without seeing we come to know YOU the one that creates all. And calls us to love…love that lays down it’s life for it’s enemies and believes that even when all hell is breaking loose around them….they are inseparable from LOVE and grace…Oh today I’m a lucky girl ….praying to the lucky star that is faith…


Are You My Lucky Star? Faith

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Every day I get up expecting a miracle or ten thousand. Mostly I expect God to take the questions of life and turn them into soulful inspiration to encourage you and I on this journey. That's why I'm here. I believe in the miracles that faith, love and hope make possible.

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