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What If You Were The Player Not The Coach?

What If You Were The Player Not The Coach?

He’d played his heart out. And still they’d come up short.

There would be hell to pay… later. 

It was bad enough his pops was the coach.

Worse yet that Jack Daniels was the way his pop’s drown every defeat.

He’d almost been in the end zone, but somehow the guy in the middle put a stop on him.

There would be hell to pay, later. 

Too bad his pops hadn’t taken up shooting darts.  He could use a game of darts or even a round of horse but of course that wasn’t possible. His pop’s was the coach with the stop watch and relentless never give up attitude whose only answer to defeat was a bottle of Jack Daniels.

All he knew was he could barely move and still it didn’t matter, there would be hell to pay…later.

What if You Were The Player And Not The Coach? Satire

Photo by Dbking

I know. I know. It’s easy to give advice, harder to live it. I know. I know. It looks easier than it is… When you are playing it’s not quite as easy as it looks from the dugout or in the stands. And what happens in sports happens in life everyday. How many times do I want to chip in with a little advice, a nugget of gold or so I think. But yes, you are right. This world doesn’t need more coaches it needs more players and players who are willing to help others who are struggling because they didn’t get in the end zone or worse have an injury or are in need of a little rest and nutrition. I know. It’s hard to play this game of life and make all the right moves and score as much as you want to. I’m not here to coach or even to evaluate any other performance – Dear Lord fill me with the humility that comes from being the player that has lost more than she’s willing to admit and allow me to keep on playing my heart out regardless of the scoreboard. Help me to forget about coaching and just worry about the plays you’ve called me to execute…oh yes..of course I’ll play my heart out and keep all my advice about any one else’s play to my self as I focus on this thing called being a player who plays her heart out for a score that won’t be fully known until all heaven and earth pass away…Just a player not a coach

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