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Judgmental Or Understanding? Life Inspiration

Judgmental Or Understanding? Life Inspiration
“When I Give The Understanding I Seek I Am... PEACE”

Soft eyes. Soft heart. Oh dear miracle child, you were made to see the world through a lens that is soft, not judgmental..

Ideas. Expectations they flow through your mind searching for a place to lodge and stay.  But dear if you invite  judgment, criticism and harshness to stay, soon you’ll be full of that which opposes love, understanding and peace.  So let these harsh thoughts and the  negative ones determined to make you squint critically at others and close down your heart and life to them- flow through you. Don’t attach to judgement.  Refuse to be judgmental. Refuse to become a vessel of criticism.

Soft eyes. Soft heart.

You are the channel by which understanding comes to this earth. I understood you at birth and upon your request became your protector and forgave anything that stood between us so now I expect you to be my promiscuous channel of grace and understanding to others.  I’ve looked the other way, given up my right to judge you, so please dear child don’t judge any other or squint, criticize or close your heart to them.

You were created to live in love’s embrace and to walk warmly wrapped in understanding. So were others.

You are accepted. I have no expectations. Together we are doing life – my love flowing through your heart now let go of needing the world or any one else to do anything special for you. All of life is in my hands and you aren’t to concern your self with that which you aren’t responsible for. Trust me with all that feels foreign and even uncomfortable. Let go of your need to have things a certain way or to even expect others to do it your way.

Soft eyes. Soft heart. You are the hands and feet of understanding,  my dear miracle child.

Understanding is the path to contentment.

Allowing, accepting that which is another’s to solve and figure out with me- is what I’ve called you to do.

Don’t attach to all these ideas of how others should be and what they should do instead stay open to the love that is pouring into your heart and soul and let it flow out promiscuously to all those around you.

 In ME there is forgiveness. I’ve wrapped you in an eternal loving and fully understanding embrace. Understanding flows when you soften those eyes and open that heart of yours and share promiscuously what you’ve been given with EVERY human being you ever meet…. 


Photo By Vincent Dale


Okay so sometimes I squint- God. Sometimes I close down this heart of mine. Sometimes I even climb up on the chair and get all teacher like thinking that my ideas on how it should be or could be are something special. And yes, I’ve tried to do your job before. I’ve been the judge. I’ve been the jury and no – you didn’t hire me for these roles. So here I am today- down on my knees with a humble heart asking you to create in my a willing spirit, a spirit that let’s go instead of hangs, eyes that experience everything through the lens of grace and understanding. Oh how I want to be willing flexible and even abundantly understanding of all that swirls around me. Yes. I want to be the hands and feet of understanding. A channel in this world. So today I open my heart wider than I feel is possible without your eternal love and I soften these eyes of mine – I’ am willing. I am understanding. Because- first. YOU were. 



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Every day I get up expecting a miracle or ten thousand. Mostly I expect God to take the questions of life and turn them into soulful inspiration to encourage you and I on this journey. That's why I'm here. I believe in the miracles that faith, love and hope make possible.

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