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How Incredible Can You Make Them Feel?

How Incredible Can You Make Them Feel?

I’d  been ruminating over a few things, rewinding in my head as I sometimes do and then in the middle of figuring out what was wrong with the world my panties wadded tight and made it hard to breathe.

And because I don’t easily let go of my bad habits I refused to let it go. Oh no, I had to figure it out. I wanted to know how a person I’d done so much for could continue to drop the ball over and over and act as if my feelings were mere condiments they could ignore. And then without permission and without an invitation the question showed up.

How incredible can you make them feel?

Snorting I laughed. Likely chance. That was the problem with me. All this loving and forgiving and making everyone feel special and ending up with nothing not even a kind or courteous behavior sent my way.

How incredible can you make them feel? The question insisted.

But they aren’t making me feel special. They might even know I have feelings. I complained.

And then I swear I heard a giggle followed by laughter erupting from a belly somewhere. The guy in the table next to me in the coffee shop glanced over his shoulder and raised his eyebrow in disgust. Was it me? Was I laughing or were we both tuned into the God frequency. Concerned I might be kicked out of the coffee shop before I was done channeling the question in my heart I acted normal and played non-spiritual.

How incredible can you make them feel? The question persisted.

And then before I could defend myself for refusing to continue to show up loving and giving the question turned into a paragraph.

Make them feel as special as I make you feel. Fill them with all I’ve given to you. Hold nothing back. I’ve never asked you to earn my love or deserve any of the incredible I send your way. Don’t hold back. It’s not a love or like or a kindness for a kindness. My economy rocks the world. It’s abundance showing up to give and make incredible every moment of every day. Don’t hold back. Don’t you dare shut down the flow from my heart out through yours to the world. They will never deserve it- they are just like you, human- imperfect and struggling to find their way -to love without reservation and to give away what they believe is scarce or may leave them less. Make them feel incredible. Don’t worry how they make you feel- leave that up to me.

Suddenly my attitude shifted. And I swear it was easier to breathe. Suddenly I wasn’t wadded or panty knotted at all.  Then I started giggling. To which the man at the table next to me responded by asking,  ” How can you be so happy so early in the morning”


How Incredible Can You Make Them Feel?

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