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Resilient Forgiveness

Resilient Forgiveness

I have been a student at the feet of forgiveness for years.

As a mother I needed forgiveness so bad I cried myself to sleep most nights for over a year and a half.

It was during this time period I visited the hell of un-forgiveness.

And then by grace’s chance, I stumbled upon an angel who inspired me to trust I could be forgiven and even better forgive and open my heart up to trust again.   .

It was then I learned that my freedom, my very spirit and it’s ability to soar was  inexplicably tied to my ability to forgive- resiliently.

The angel of mercy . The bearer of grace called me out of bitterness into a new season.

I’ve been saved.

And still as any saved soul will admit the demons still come around.  Resentment,  bitterness and all their second cousins show up any time I invite them in urging me to lock up my heart, throw away the key and guard myself against any more betrayals or heart breaks.

I’m no saint.

I am tempted every Thursday right after lunch to rewind hamster like through the wrongs I’ve suffered at the hands of others.

I know, I am in no way beyond the point I could be seduced into un-forgiveness.

Matter of fact,  I count it a bloody miracle I understand that everyone who has ever offended or hurt me has done exactly what I’ve done to others, mostly unconsciously and deserves the forgiveness I hunger for from those I’ve hurt and the forgiveness I receive daily even though I don’t deserve it from my Creator.

Resilient Forgiveness.

She saved me.

She flew in on the wings of hope.

Freed me from victimhood.

Healed my soul.

Tutored me in grace and mercy.

Resilient Forgiveness.

As I commit to her -I sense the hell of un-forgiveness giving away to wings, yes wings I’m growing them here while I still have feet.

I swear. Forgiveness is an angel. A resilient one.




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Every day I get up expecting a miracle or ten thousand. Mostly I expect God to take the questions of life and turn them into soulful inspiration to encourage you and I on this journey. That's why I'm here. I believe in the miracles that faith, love and hope make possible.

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