Sure, there are plenty of places that feed your body and mind but where do you go when you’re soul famished and spirit dehydrated?



A shot of inspiration, as potent as vitamin B12  with a side of hokey inspirational quotes to go.

24/7,  soul tapas to combat  sad, lonely, tired, angry, loss and doubt.

When life wrestles you to the ground,  hope24seven reminds you that although you can’t always choose what happens- you are always in control of how you respond, who you be and what you believe.

I hope you join me, my plan ( God willing) is to show up for the next 760 days asking the questions you’ve asked your best friends, your pillow and God.

Don’t  blame the inspiring companies I nominate daily or advertisers or my technical partner ( Seamonster Labs) for anything I say or do here.

I’m  not politically correct. I’ve had WAY to much white water and raw reality to waste my time or yours with niceties.Sure, I’ll serve up hokey unique inspirational quotes, but other than that I can’t promise you ‘normal’ or the ‘expected’ because quite honestly;  life isn’t ‘normal’ or as ‘expected.’

Engage. Ask. Share

Pam Hoelzle

My vision for hope24seven?  Bob sums  it up well-



The Team behind Hope24seven

Pam Hoelzle:     Writer/Curious One

Okay this is what I look like after I’ve taken a shower… and have my act together…..



This is how I really look, no makeup,  on the way to a great workout ( I prefer this look…!)


So, how does hope24seven work?

Every day I get up expecting a miracle or ten thousand. One of the miracles I expect is that a question will come. And when it does, I listen for the story, narration that belongs to the question. Not an answer mind you, a reflection of the deeper meaning of the question. I wait for the story, narration to come and then I just channel the story, identify the photo or video that expresses the feeling and free write. I write it once, edit it, tag it, and post. I don’t have time currently to do the type of pre-writing or editing I’d really like to do. So you can see why I’m praying for so many miracles. Because my first drafts are always shitty first drafts so it’s an act of writing mercy that I’m able to post a couple stories a week, let alone 7.

Make no mistake. Every question is written for the first time the day of the post ( well, I do keep a crazy writers notebook I carry with me in which I furiously scribble questions, but all of them end up slightly tweaked the day I’m inspired to ask them). No pre-writes.

This is a spiritual quest for me. A calling. A commitment to grow my heart, soul and spirit in the coming years. I’m here very selfishly, committing this time learning to listen,  ask and sync up with all that is inspiring, divine and sacred. You see, I cannot, not believe.

I can’t tell you what will happen over the next two years, only that God willing, I will be here every day asking questions and channeling the stories that I”m inspired to write. I hope you share your comments, contribute photo’s and nominate inspiring companies. I hope we can hope together and grow our spirits. I hope that wherever you are now- you know that you’re not alone on this journey.

Yes, all the stories are written by me. No, all the stories are not true. Yes, some of them are true to the last verb. Others are fictionalized in terms of names, dates and locations to protect the innocent. And still others are entirely fiction.

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